1. 13 Jun

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    A comic on horrible things that can happen on your first day that you can laugh at eventually by Rob Cham

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  2. 18 Oct

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    As her album ‘Bangerz’ debuts at the top spot of the Billboard charts, we look back on Miley Cyrus’s recent iconography in paperdoll form.

    Love her or hate her, it seems she’s got everybody watching her anyway.

    Illustrated by Janine dela Cuesta

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  3. The runaways

    Thelma and Louise, Blair and Serena, Katy and Rihanna, Miley and Selena, and for your older siblings, Alicia and Liv in those Aerosmith videos. There’s a time-honored tradition to bad girls in pairs. This week, we ran the red light, went on a forbidden romp through the red light district (past our curfew, we know), and ended up grounded with a new tattoo (or two). Yes, breaking curfew is rarely a good thing. But if you’re going to push your luck and roam around after hours, do it with a lot of sense and a bit of style.

    Photography: Joseph Pascual

    Styling and words: MJ Benitez

    Stylist’s assistant: Andrea Ang

    Art direction: Trisha Bautista

    Models: Samantha Gomez of CalCarrie’s and Hailey Kim of Yeoh Models

    Makeup: John Pagaduan for Shu Uemura

    Hair: Stephen Dale


    Photo 1: On Samantha: Striped top and baseball cap, stylist’s own; jeans from Mango. On Hailey: Sand denim dress from Forever 21.

    Photo 2: On Samantha: Hat from Forever 21; drop-waist pleated dress (P2,250) and leather biker jacket (P8,450) both from Mango. On Hailey: Striped cable-knit cardigan from Mango, (P1,950); and sailor skirt, stylist’s own

    Photo 3: Tie front shirt from Forever 21; net foam shorts from House of Laurel; and snapback cap from Firma

    Photo 5: Net foam blazer from House of Laurel; denim corset from Forever 21; and HUF cap from Trilogy Boutique (P1,950)

    Photo 6: Plaid cropped button-down from Embellish, stylist’s own; denim overalls from Miss Selfridge (P2,795); and boots from Dr. Martens (P7,400)
    Photo 7: Button-down from Topshop (P2,195); floral jeans from Forever 21; and snapback cap to order from Fifth Code (P550)

    Photo 8: On Samantha: Hat from Forever 21; canvas sneakers from Comme Des Garçons (P6,998); drop-waist pleated dress (P2,250) and leather biker jacket (P8,450) both from Mango. On Hailey: Button-down from Comme Des Garçons (P8,898); striped cable-knit cardigan from Mango (P1,950); sailor skirt, stylist’s own; and loafers from Charles & Keith (P2,995)

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  4. Indoor kids

    Perilous weather aside, getting out of bed these days is already painfully hard to do. Magnify that with the looming threat of flash floods, gates of hell-level commutes, and general bed weather doldrums, and it isn’t hard to see why the option of staying in is becoming more and more appealing than braving the storm for that bowl of ramen. So why fight it?

    Download Breaking Bad, schedule a major cuddle session with your cat, and stay toasty in dressed up versions of your favorite downtime duds.

    Photography: Sam Potenciano and Ralph Mendoza

    Words: Sam Potenciano

    Styling: Sam Potenciano

    Model: Kelsey Merritt

    Makeup: Sari Campos


    Photo 1: Lime green rain jacket from Uniqlo, P590. Printed dress from Topshop, P2,895. Necklace from Claire’s, P595.

    Photo 2 and 4: Snapback from The Quiet Life at Greyone Social, P2,350. Moto jacket from Topshop, P4,545. Striped pants from Forever 21, P1,025. Canvas shoes from Keds, P2,795.

    Photo 3: Snapback from Huf at Trilogy, P1,990. Sweater from Forever 21, P1,275.  Plaid skirt from Miss Selfridge, P2,595.

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  5. 9 Aug

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    An Indie Beginning. Check out Young STAR’s timeline of independence, by Toff de Venecia and Janine dela Cuesta

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  6. 7 Jul

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    When we created Stache two years ago what we really wanted really was to have an outlet for our creativity and to share the works of other artists we love.

    Two years and fifteen issues later we still couldn’t believe we’re here today, much less actually winning an award.

    We would like to thank the people who have been with us every step of the way: our past and present staffers, our contributors, readers, and the many creatives who have graced our covers, especially to Bob Ong who have given and shown tremendous support to our advocacy. And last but not the least, we would like to thank the people of Young Star for believing in Stache. Here’s to more magazine issues and crazy ideas!

    Congrats to Stache!

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  7. On the road

    Escape, take a drive out of the city, and bask in cooler weather — gray skies and all.

    Read the article here.

    Photography: Gabby Cantero

    Text and styling: Karen Bolilia

    Model: Pauline Prieto


    1, 2, and 3 - Blouse (P1,495) and skirt (P2,695), both from Promod; rounded sunnies, Ray-Ban; Knee-high sandals (P3,500) from Tonic.

    4 - Dress (P2,695) from Promod; boots (P1,350) Forever 21.

    5 - Fringed top from Eairth; Shorts (P1,795) from Topshop; Leather vest from Sassa Jimenez.

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    Don’t let school cramp your style. Do your own thing.

    Photography: Ralph Mendoza

    Styling: Sam Potenciano

    Model: LA Aguinaldo

    Read the article here.


    Photo 1: Shades from Ray-Ban; striped button-down and 511 green jeans, both from Levi’s

    Photo 2 and 4: Floral snapback from Greater Good; Clubmasters from Ray-Ban; navy windbreaker from Giordano; polka-dot button-down from Levi’s; 501 chalk blue jeans from Levi’s  

    Photo 3: Skull print tee, Daily Grind at Team Manila; 501 True chino jeans from Levi’s; canvas sneakers from Converse

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